Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Breathtaking Bowhunts by Mike Lamade

Mike Lamade has hunted the continents from North America to Africa. One thing I was impressed by is he tells everyone from beginners to long time hunters to be responsible hunters. He says more than once; "Do Not Shoot." Unless the animal is presenting the proper shot angle for placement in the vital chest area behind the shoulder---do not shoot.
Sometimes people can be so caught up in the hunt that they shoot not taking the time to wait for the proper shot. Then the animal will wonder off and if not found can die a slow death.. Mike has hunted just about every type of game that is allowed. He even went along with a friend who was hunting gators with a bow. While Mike did not hunt he was still taken on a wild ride.
This book teaches you not only about the responsibilty of bowhunting but the history as well. Angus Brown is a professional bow hunter and outfitter in Africa. He was instrumental in getting bow hunting legalized in this country.
I come from a family of hunters. They only hunt for the meat. My husband Larry hunts with either a bow or rifle. When I showed him the photos of Mikes trophy room his eyes opened wide and he said; "I want to read this book when you are finished." This is a great book for all outdoor enthusiast.

Sandy Heptinstall
Whispering Winds Book Reviews

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Tribute Books said...

Thanks Sandy for all of your hard work - I really appreciate it. I feel when people read your reviews, you really create an interest for them to read the entire book.

Great job on Breathtaking Bowhunts. I hope your husband enjoys it too.