Sunday, March 9, 2008

But Then Again I Could Be Wrong: The Book of Rants

But Then Again I Could Be Wrong: The Book of Rants by Jim Rising
Funny and to the point.
"Head on -- apply directly to your forehead"--this is one of the of most annoying commercials of all time, but the again, I might be wrong. Or then again I could be wrong. Why the author ended almost every little rant or fraustration with those words is just as annoying as the commercial. As I read this book I started to skip the last sentence.
The cover of this book leads a persons curiosity to open the book and start reading. This book had me laughing out loud in parts. Then when the author wrote about the obituary of the baby girl and the priest it truely touches your heart. Also in parts it is almost poetic when he describes the sounds of the wind blowing. Or how he loves to watch storms. The love he feels for NE Pennsylvania and the way he describes it; I know it is one place I would love to visit.
I am sure his long suffering wife (of whom he never mentions her name) will agree with me when I say "Jim, get off of your lawn mower before you kill yourself!" Swallow your pride and let your wife call her brother. This poor man is definately not Mr. Fix It. Oh, sorry the politically correct word would be he is "Honey-Doo" challenged.
In honesty he does put into words what so many of us have felt at one time or another. Well except the shower thing. I do have an answer for Jim when he speaks about deers crossing the road. My oldest son Troy swears that car dealers spray cars and trucks with deer scent. That is why so many deer committe suicide on our roads each year. So everyone be warned, wash all those cars and trucks at least three times before you venture into deer country.
I found this book to be an amusing read. Not bad for a first time author. I hope you can raise the monies needed for your library. I hope to visit there someday.

Sandra Heptinstall
Whispering Winds Book Reviews

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Thank you for your honesty. Discourse between people with differing opinions is something I firmly believe in. It is when people don't engage each other in debate, that I feel we're all losing out. That's what makes this country great - and I feel what today many families are sacrificing for.