Friday, March 7, 2008


A Kinder Bright
Jerry Fagnani
Tribute Books
P.O. Box 95
Archbald, PA 18403
ISBN# 978-0976507253
Price: $12.95

It is but a small book only 47 pages long. What effect could 47 pages have on someone? What could be taught or learned you may ask?

I have discovered the love of poetry in just 47 pages. In the first section of "A Kinder Bright," I felt sorrow and regret; that time is passing as we grow older and we have not finished all the things we wanted to do in our lifetime.

The second part of this book, I felt the gentle joy of freedom from the eyes of a child. I followed the author and walked along the trails and lake with him. I have discovered the beauty of Lackawanna, Pennsylvania.

In the final phase called "The Elaine Collection," I discovered the power of words. I have cried for Jerry as he mourns the loss of his precious Elaine. I believe in another time they will meet and become one again and that Elaine will be waiting with open arms.

Just 47 pages of a little book that has filled my heart and mind. I do not have to think and wonder what the author was trying to say. To all who may read this you will be transported to a new level in your life. To me on a scale of 1 to 5 this little book would be 5 plus.

I have never cared for poetry until I read "A Kinder Bright." As the author has said: "We often choose to remember our brightest memories. But certain brightness can be harsh. For me I prefer a kinder bright."

There are not enough words to describe what I have felt reading this book. So, I will just say thank you Jerry Fagnani.

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Tribute Books said...

What a beautiful review - thank you! I'm so glad that you enjoyed Jerry's book. I know poetry can be tough to get into, but Jerry has a way of writing that he connects with your emotions.