Monday, May 12, 2008


Skeeter: A Cat Tale
Anne Watson
Shepard Publications
P.O. Box 280
Friday Harbor,
WA, 98250
ISBN# 978-0938497516
Price: $10.00

I am not a cat person unless you count Garfield. He may just be a cartoon figure but to me "Garfield" is the coolest cat ever; or so I thought until I read a little book called "Skeeter A Cat Tale". Skeeter has an attitude with a capital A. The poor misguided owner Lynne thinks she has the upper hand, but when you read this book you will discover that Skeeter is the one running the show.

I loved it when the Lynne tries to put a harness and leash on Skeeter. Since Lynne only had knowledge about dogs, I can understand why she might think what works for one, works for the other.

The book is mostly about Skeeter, but also includes some of the adventures of Lynne. For example, one day Lynne is walking the shores of San Pedro, CA when she found an elongated flexible cone or seedpod. Since her sister was taking a basketry course, Lynne decided her sister might like to use some of the seapods. So Lynne looking up, saw that more of these littered the slope dropping from a tree at the edge of a cliff. Now climbing the cliff was easy, even gathering cones as she went; but when Lynne reached the top and turned around, she realized something. She was trapped. There was a chain link fence running along the top as far as she could see. So, she abandoned her pride and skated down on her rear, blistering it in the fast descent, and rubbing a noticeably-positioned hole in her clothing. It was one of those moments that ever one has encountered in their lives. It was a "Dear God, it's Lynne here and please don't let anyone see me making a fool of myself". Thank goodness no one saw her as she stalked away with what little dignity she had left and the shreds of her jeans.

This is a fast read and reached me on a day when I really needed a good laugh. If you have had a bad day you need to buy this book and keep it on hand. Believe me, laughter is the best medicine.

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