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This is the true and horrific story of Donna Bowman and how she survived sexual abuse by her father for years. She also endured many years of physical abuse by her ex-husband and then the loss of a cherished child. Any one of these events would be enough to destroy a person in many ways.

Donna carried a lot of emotional baggage for years. She thought at first it was her fault that her father raped her again and again. Then every time her husband would beat her she felt again it must be her fault. She felt worthless and ugly both inside and out. She was saved when she was married, and at times when she went to church she knew her husband would beat her when she came home. Donna could not understand why this was all happening to her.

It was not until she let go of the past, and allowed God to heal all of her past hurts, that she was able to walk with Him. She knew that God was always by her side and was never going to leave her. Donna had a few terrible marriages, but God led her to a wonderful man whom she married and they are still together after a lot of years.

God never promised any of us that life would be easy. But He does tell us that He will never give us more than we can handle. Donna is a perfect example of that. No matter what life had in store for her she made it through each and every storm. Donna had God with her and He saved her time and time again.

This is not just a book about sexual child abuse or battered wife's book. It is a book full of praise and the Glory of God. It is about how Donna came to know that God must be first in all of our lives no matter what.

I have also enjoyed the latter part of this book with the many stories of the power of God's love for us, as well as His healing and ministry. No matter what we may be going through we are never alone if God is in your life. All we have to do is take His hand, and really take the time to listen to what God is telling us, and then follow where ever He leads you.

This story is one of triumph by the Grace of God.

Sandra Heptinstall
whispering Winds Book Reviews

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jander301 said...

i really wasnt sure i wanted to read this at first. considering it was about my mother but after reading it i understand somethings when we wer growing up ther wer days wen she was criyng and my 2 siblings and i didnt no why.know this mother i luv u very much and thanks for sharing ur story with the rest of us.