Friday, May 9, 2008

The Songs of Power: A Finnish Tale of Magic, Retold from the Kalevala

The Songs of Power by Aaron Shepard

The collection of "The Ancient Fantasy" series will take both adults and children into a world of folklore of long ago. In another time and country. My grandson's and myself have been reading this series and we have all enjoyed what we have read so far. We just finished reading "The Songs of Power". The front and back cover are enchanting. Brandon and Johnny love them. In their words again: "they are awesome." I am always delighted when we finish a book and they look again at the covers and they recognize some of the characters.

As a mom it was important to teach my children to enjoy reading. As a grandma I truly love to teach my grandchildren to enjoy literature. I highly recommend the whole series to parents, grandparents, any child or adult.

We had just finished reading, "The Song of Power" when Brandon said; "Grandma my teacher says poems are just songs." So we read this book in different ways many times. We each read it to our own beats. We even tried to sing it. We each chose a song we knew and changed out the words to fit the book. I am so glad there was no one around to hear us. It is something only a grandparent could love.

I am so proud when I see the light of understanding in their eyes shine. Or when they have read a part without mistakes. What a blessing for me.

Mr Shepard you are helping children to develop their own imaginations. These books have taken my grandson's away from their video and dvd games they keep here, and that is quite an accomplishment. Especially in the world we live in now.

When I first told them I had some books coming that I thought they would enjoy, it was a mistake on my part. Every day until the books arrived I was asked if I had checked my po box that day. When the books finally arrived I waited and let them open the box. We looked at the books and then at each other and knew these books would be different than any we had read before.

Thank you once again, and as my grandson's say; "this is another five star book." They think your books get better and better as they read each one. I say their minds have opened up more and more.

Sandra Heptinstall
Brandon Heptinstall
Johnnie Heptinstall

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