Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Call Me Kate: Meeting the Molly Maguires by Molly Roe

This is an amazing book that is part of our country's rich history. While reading this book I learned things, I had never known before.

While the book is a work of fiction, it is backed by historical fact. That is what makes "Call Me Kate" so fascinating.

I can honesty say, and suggest, that this book should be in all schools in the USA. It is a story of Irish immigrants and the struggles they faced in North Eastern Pennsylvania. Jobs were hard to come by during the 1860s. Coal Mining was about the ony way to support your family. But that came at a high price. The rich mine owners did not worry about the safety of the miners, they were just a throw away commodity.

The main character Katie McCafferty, is out to save her Irish friends and family from what would be a major battle that would cost many men there lives. You will grow to love her braveness, strength, and just plain old grit. Here are a few questions to ask yourslf to see if this book is for you.

1. Have you ever hear of the "Know Nothing Party?"
2. Have you ever wondered where the "rich man's war, poor man's fight was first heard in the states?
3. Do you know what or who the "Molly Mcguires" were? Or the " Ancient Hibernians?"

I wish I could tell you more, but I don't want to spoil the book for others. For all who enjoy reading the history of this country then this is a book you must own.

The author is a knowlegable, and gifted writer. She makes the words she writes come alive. You are taken back in time with her and given a history lesson you never knew before.

I have enjoyed this book so much, that I am going to buy a copy for my sister Paula. You know a book is good when some one has read the book, and then buy's a copy for others.

Excellent book Molly Roe.

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