Thursday, January 8, 2009

Heal and Forgive II: The Journey from Abuse and Estrangement to Reconciliation

When ever I am asked to read a book, that has to do with some type of abuse of a child or adult, I can't help but cry. This book is no exception. What is different in this book from all the others? The author leads you along with her on her journey to healing.

I honestly do read every word of a book that has been sumitted to me. Here are a few things Nancy Richards has written, that I feel are profound in the nature of this book. Words that will help others to heal.
"There is a need to speak the truth-to honor our pain and our losses so we don't remain "stuck;" it is important to move on with our lives. Our injuries must be brought into the light--acknowledged, examined and understood if we have any hope of healing, breaking old patterns and moving on to the life we deserve."

I am so proud of Nancy Richards for putting her story of physical and mental abuse out there so that others can learn to heal. It must be hard to visit old memories once again. Perhaps feeling the pain she has before, and to do so, so other people will see there is life out there.
Ms. Richards wrote; "I cannot change other people; they walk their own path, and they live by what they perceive to be the truth. Only by changing my perception and awareness can I change my circumstance."

At the end of the book the author has you ask yourself questions, so that you will know if you are ready to forgive and reconcile with others that have hurt you or if you are not ready.

Excellent book that this reviewer would recommend to all without question, "Heal & Forgive" deserves my five star rating.

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