Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Pirate's Bastard

Laura S. Wharton
Second Wind Publishing, LLC
931-B Main Street, Box 145
Kernersville, NC 27284
$11.95 paperback at Amazon
7.95 Kindle
168 pages

Ms. Wharton has impressed me by the amount of time she spent making sure everything was correct for the time period the book takes place in. Everything is right on the mark. This book is Historical Fiction and an excellent read.

Reverend Jonathan Eubanks, opens the church door and finds a small baby someone has left on the steps of the church. He takes the child to the orphanage where he will spend the first nine years of his life. The other children call him the town’s bastard and assault him and call him names daily. The only refuge he has is when he goes to the church, where Reverend Eubanks is.

One day Reverend Eubanks asked Eward if he would like to go with him to his next assigned church in New Brunswick, in the colony of Carolina. It would mean that Edward would not be able to return to Barbados for a long time. Edward jumped at the chance to get away. Where no one knows the story of his father Stede Bonner, who left his plantation, his wife and two sons to become a notorious pirate along with his mistress who was Edward's mother.

In New Brunswick, Edward found that no one knows anything of who he was, or his past life. As he grows older he becomes a ship builder and life is good for him. He falls in love with a woman and the future is promising. That is until a man shows up who knows about his past. Will Edward be able to keep his past a secret or will it come up to haunt him again?
Rated PG for subject matter.

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