Monday, May 23, 2011

Post to Midwest in June

Night Corridor

Caroline Hill has spent the last nine years of her life in a mental hospital. When she was a teenager she had a baby, and her daughter was literally taken from her arms and put up for adoption. Caroline was begging for her baby and slowly sank into a world that would take her nine years to climb out of.

As she enters into a new society she begins to wonder if she can make it. But the words of her doctors at the hospital keep coming back to her. To takes things one step at a time. She has a job and her very own room in a boarding house.

What she is about to encounter is something no one could of dreamed of. This book is intricately plotted and will surprise even the most devoted mystery or suspence reader. I challenge any reader to stop on page 190 of this 255 page book, to tell me who is the real serial murderer. The answer will surely blow you away. It did me.

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