Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Alexander and Tristan, you are so blessed to have a dad who loves you so much that he wrote a book just for you. I am glad your dad is sharing this story with the public also.

I have enjoyed this work of fantasy. One of the things that have made this book so special to me is the sense of family. How much they loved each other and would die if they had too, to protect each other.

From the beginning to the end this book holds your attention. I can see a parent reading this book out loud to their kids. Texting or playing games will stop as they listen to the words of this story.

This book is filled with adventure and suspense. You will find golden dragons fighting to survive in a world filled with humans. Humans who want to kill them for what they have. While there is violence in this book it is nothing to what most games portray.

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C W J Henderson said...

Thank you, Sandra, for the kind words. I appreciate all the time and energy that went into the review, given your current health problems. All the best.